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Volvo Repair video's

What repairs can I do on my own to my Volvo.

It is certainly possible to do some repairs yourself and buy the parts all on your own. Nordicar has the knowledge of engines. The Nordicar specialists are happy to help you further by showing you exactly in these videos how to carry out repairs to your engine, the interior or brakes. If you click through to YouTube in the video, you will find a link there that leads directly to the part you need to complete your project.

Setting the valve clearance of your Volvo with a B18 or B20 engine

Is this your first time setting the valve clearance on your own? In this video we show you how to adjust the valve clearance of your B18 or B20 engine all by yourself. Both the intake and exhaust valve can cause the cylinder head to collapse further due to further wear. By adjusting the valves, the valve clearance is adjusted so that the effects of wear are eliminated. Due to wear, the valve clearance changes and the engine may no longer run smoothly and you run the risk of the valves burning.

Replacing the timing gear of your Volvo with a B18 or B20 engine

In the following video, we'll show you how to replace the timing gear of your b18 or your b20 engine. As you might see, there can be some clearance between the gears, if the clearance between the gears becomes too wide then it will affect the performance of the engine. the ignition time will vary which will negatively affect the performance of the engine.

Replacing the water pump of your Volvo with a B18 or B20 engine

How do you replace the water pump of your B18 or B20 engine yourself? The following video explains how to do this yourself. The function of the water pump is to pump the coolant through the cooling system, this keeps the engine cooled and the heater can continue to give off heat in winter. You know when it needs to be replaced when it makes a odd noise or leaks coolant. If the water pump breaks down, the engine will overheat and permanent damage to the engine can occur.

Replacing the contacts and capacitor + adjusting the ignition | Volvo with B18 or B20 engine

Here we show you how you can perform maintenance on the ignition of your b18 or b20 engine. You know when the ignition needs to be replaced if the engine hiccups, idles irregularly or if the engine has less power.

Removing and replacing windscreen trim - Volvo Amazon Combi - Volvo Amazon Combi

The purpose of the windshield trim / moldings is mainly to cover the gap between the edge of the glass and the body or frame of your Volvo. Hence, in most cases they are mostly for cosmetic reasons. Trim strips, however, are useful for diverting water down the sides of the windshield. Watch the video here on how to do this yourself..

Removal and assembly of the doorpanel - Volvo Amazon

You want to maintain the interior with every Volvo. In the next video, we'll show you how to easily disassemble the doorpanel and replace any part that needs replacement..

Replacing the u-joint - Volvo PV544 / Amazon / P1800

This video explains how to easily replace the universal joint. There is a good chance that there is something wrong with it if you hear a thumping sound during gear changing or if your foot is not on the accelerator and still accelerates. Another characteristic is that the car is vibrating while driving.

Replacing the interior mirror.

In the following video you can see that a common defect in the interior mirror is that the moisture from the LCD runs down. As a result, the bottom part of that mirror remains dark. The video explains exactly what you need and how to replace the necessary parts.

Replacing the seatbelts for better safety.

Starting in the 1960s and onwards, Volvo cars were fitted with a seat belt. A fixed three-point seat belt provided more safety while driving. If your Volvo is equipped with fixed three-point seat belts and you want the comfort of a modern seat belt, watch the video to see how you can replace the seat belts yourself.

replacing the rear wheel bearing

You know when to replace the wheel bearing when you hear a grinding noise when turning a corner and / or when the wheel moves too much when you pull on it. In the video we give you even more tips on what you need and what you should and should not do to perform the repair successfully.

Install the rear bumper strip

The strips on top of the rear bumper of the Volvo 245 have long been discontinued. Nordicar has developed a 3D model that is available for free. You can use this to complete the rear bumper again by downloading the 3D file and having it printed yourself. Watch this howto video on how you can download it and aply the bumper strips.

Replacing a rear brake shoe? - Volvo Amazon en 1800S

It's important to check your brakes at least once a year or every 10,000km. You know when to replace the brake shoes when you hear a scraping noise while driving or when the brake shoes have become wet due to a brake fluid leakage..

Replacing the tailgate wiring - Volvo 245

If one of the following two situations occurs, you most likely will need to replace the wiring harness: The rear lights themselves work but the license plate lights no longer work, the rear lights work but the window heating doesn't work. Watch the entire video for more tips and instructions on how to fix this on your own.

Install a plastic oil seal in the B4B or B16 engine.

Oil leakage from the felt oil seal of the B4B or B16 is a thing of the past. Buy the oil seal conversion kit to replace the original felt oil seal with a modern oil seal. Watch this video about how you can use the plastic oil seal set and get your B4B or B16 engine leak-free again.

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