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Used Volvo Parts


Nordicar has developed by offering new and used Volvo parts. In the early seventies huge quantities of Volvo parts were imported from Sweden to our province in the north of the Netherlands. Nordicar started a separate division in 2009 with the name Used Volvo Parts in the residence Heerhugowaard. Nowadays, since 2020, Nordicar also offers used parts in her Webshop. See our website for all second-hand Volvo parts for the Swedish models like Volvo Amazon, Volvo P1800, the Volvo PV544 and even for the Volvo PV444 dated from the fifties.

Completely of this time, the recycling of car parts helps a sustainable world. Why buy a new set of wheels for your classic Volvo when they are available second-hand in good quality?

You don’t find the part that you are looking for in our Webshop? Please send us an e-mail or call one of our colleagues. They will gladly help you find the right part for your classic Volvo or Youngtimer.

Here you will find used parts for your Volvo!

Testing used Volvo parts

A lot of the used parts we dismount ourselves. They are coming from Volvos that can’t drive any more of those who didn’t pass the vehicle testing regulations. Also the case if the costs for repairing the Volvo are so high, the disassemblage of the car is the best choice. A better word for a Volvo scrap yard is a Volvo a dismantling company. Such a second-hand Volvo part is disassembled, extensively tested and judged on quality by our technical Volvo specialists. After these tests and approval they are added to our Webshop and stocked in our shop in Heerhugowaard. The parts we test are for example: used Volvo B18 and B20 engines, windshield wiper mechanisms and used doors for Amazon, PV544 and P1800. Also used trim moldings for Volvo 140 and Volvo 164 are critically looked at and offered in the webshop. Small mounting hardware is thrown away.

Many of the electrical components, like tail lights and level sensors will not survive the tests. They are destroyed and are not eligible for our used and overhauled parts.

We drain the power steering oil and other fluids of the Volvo V70 and the C30. Remaining materials can be offered as used overhauled parts.

Ordering used Volvo parts

In our webshop you will find the used Volvo parts together with the new Volvo parts. In our Webshop, formerly known in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, England and Germany as Volvo-Parts.com, you will easily find your parts for the Volvo 9series and the Volvo 7series. We don’t have parts in stock for the Volvo V60 and the S80. So you will not find them at our website. The used Volvo parts are lower in price than the new Volvo parts. Nordicar has a large stock of new and used Volvo parts. Therefore we are able to deliver to our clients in no time in every part of the country. We also export. Every day there are deliveries in Belgium, France and Germany. But you will find classic Volvo cars and Youngtimers far beyond that. The Volvo Amazon, the Katterug, P1800, V70/S70 and the 240 (Volvo 2series) are still regularly seen. Our customers for used parts are also located in countries like Sweden, Finland and the United States.

Window crank -used part Volvo Amazon Volvo Amazon 670665
Wiper motor -used part- Volvo Amazon P1800 662170
Spring Window crank and Door crank -used part Volvo 544 210 Amazon 140 164 659949
Release fork, Clutch-used part- Volvo Amazon 1968- P1800 P1800S 140 677431

Warranty on used Volvo parts

Talking about classic Volvos, is talking about quality. Volvos produced after the war still drive the Dutch roads. They are made of quality materials and parts based on rock solid technique. We offer those quality parts with an exchange guarantee. A full warranty on used Volvo parts that are sometimes more than 60 years old is not possible. But if a second-hand Volvo part does not meet your expectations, you can exchange it without any costs. If we don’t have the used part that you need in the house, we will try to find it for you.

Many cars meant to be dismantled are offered to a car dismantling company. Our workshop also uses parts from these kind of companies. Disassembling cars is an activity we practice with fun. We have the needed mounting material for the future for the Volvo XC90 XC70 XC60 V70 V50 V40 and S90. We do not have parts for the 3series, Volvo XC40. The models Volvo 4series are getting scarce, just as the Volvo S40/V40.

Our specialty

Currently the reuse of a Volvo is more and more complicated due to the engine management systems in this world of computers. Exchanging an engine protection screen or interior and upholstery is easy. An Exhaust Gas Recirculation valve or a crankshaft sensor is a different story. These parts are full of electronics and we indicate them as various parts. The popular models are the Volvo C70, Volvo S70, Volvo 50 and the Volvo 850. We always have used rim sets in stock. This year also for the Volvo V90 and the Volvo Amazon.

Take a look in our webshop and place your order!!

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