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Volvo 940 960 parts

Order parts for Volvo 940 and 960 online

Nordicar is the specialist in parts for the Volvo 940 and 960. For more than 30 years, Nordicar has been supplying genuine Volvo oldtimer parts and Volvo classic parts to customers in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, and the rest of the world. It is those high-quality parts for your used Volvo 940 and Volvo 960 that we supply from stock and will be delivered to you by mail. You can find all of the parts for your classic Volvo in our webshop where you can shop freely and order whatever you might need. All of the orders made can safely be returned if not satisfied in which case you can trade it for a different item or get your money back.

We don’t only supply the newer productions of Volvo itself but also re-productions, next to this we also supply used Volvo parts for oldtimers. By providing you with the technical drawings of your Volvo it is as easy as that to find the part you need. All parts that have been ordered through us are usable for a completely restored model or one that has run well but is just down to its regular maintenance. We supply both OEM Volvo parts on other remanufactured ones that are of the same level of quality. Another thing you don’t need to worry about is that if you order through nordicar you will have the opportunity to get into contact with one of our Volvo specialists. We also have a wide selection of different Volvo occasions next to all of our parts. If you own a 940 or 960 Volvo or are considering getting on, feel free to go to our shop and see if you can find that one thing you’ve been looking for all this time. Parts like a quality clutch kit are crucial for getting on the road, that is why we have various types in our online store. Even less crucial parts are easy to find with us like the window regulator or just some old car spares for when something breaks down on the road, just select your vehicle and find all the parts for the genuine Volvo you might need.

Shock absorber- Rear- Sport- Bilstein B6 Volvo 740 760 940 960 S/V90 z/multi z/nivo 1329500
Taillight unit Left white Volvo 940 960 S90 9126960
Brake caliper- Left- Rear- ATE 38mm Volvo 700 900 excl. multilink 5003514
Outside mirror- Right- electric/heated Volvo 740 760 940 960 Volvo 740 760 92- 940 -98 960 9447785

The difference between the 940 and the 960

Although both cars are from the same family (900 series) there are still some differences that can be seen when you look up close and start comparing them from a more technical standpoint. Not either one of these is better than the other but we’ll be looking here at the differences. The 940 has 4 valves per cylinder which is double the amount of the 960, having this can be more fuel-efficient. Another thing is that it has a 280 Nm @ 2950 rpm Torque to have a higher acceleration. Still, that does not mean the Volvo 960 is a bad option, for example, it only has an 86.4 mm Piston stroke which can affect the engine’s fuel combustion efficiency. It also has 2 more cylinders compared to the 940 which makes it a total of 6 cylinders, this can help with the engine stability and as result will experience less vibration. One other but big difference would be the fuel tank with the Volvo 960 having a tank capacity of 80, 5 liters more than the 940. The good thing about the 900 series is that if you're buying genuine Volvo accessories they usually fit on both models, this saves time and makes it more affordable. Not using genuine accessories won’t kill your Volvo car but does take part of the feeling away and might hurt your car in the long run. This counts for newer Volvo cars as well like the s90 v90.

The last real Volvo

It is jokingly said that the Volvo 940 and 960, later known as the Volvo S90 and V90. is the last real Volvo. This means that the 940 as we call the model range, is the last rear-wheel drive Volvo. In the front of the car is a Volvo petrol engine that drives the rear wheels with a cardan shaft. The Volvo 940 is the successor to the well-known Volvo 740 that was built from 1982 to 1991. In 1991 the model changed from 740 to 940. This was accompanied by a number of minor technical and aesthetic adjustments. The 940 was a real worker, good for many kilometers on petrol, LPG and also with a VW diesel engine. Nowadays you rarely see the 940 driving. The later model years with the low pressure turbo engines (LPT) are best represented on the Dutch road. You will also come across this primal Swedish family car in rural areas. The 940 is regularly spotted in France, Italy and Germany. Nordicar has a warm heart for the 940 and can without a doubt be voted the best Volvo of all time. A bold statement! But the safety, flexibility and extraordinary simplicity has proven itself over the years. On the other hand, the maintenance costs are low in comparison with other Volvo models. In short, a model that Volvo can be proud of.

The second half of the 900 series

As the first few years went by both Volvo's deserved an upgrade to fit the times. Changes that were made for the model made between 1994 and 1998 are a different grille, body-colored panels, and a smaller version of the 2.5 cylinder. One other innovative piece was that the rear suspension got an almost completely redesigned multi-link independent system with a single fiberglass transverse leaf spring. In this second half, all American Volvo cars from the 900s series rolled off the factory floor as an automatic, meanwhile, the European Volvo's had a 2.5-liter engine with manual transmission. If you have doubts or questions about what type of Volvo you have or want to consult on what exact part you need? Get in touch with us and we would be looking forward to seeing how we can help.

Ordering parts for Volvo 940 and 960 online

The parts for the 940 are still well supplied. Nordicar has a large warehouse for parts to maintain and repair various Volvo models. All parts for the petrol engine and diesel engine are still available. Gaskets, filters, brake discs and shock absorbers are all in stock in Heerhugowaard. You can search the webshop via the menu bar car model Volvo 940 960 S90 V90 (-1998). You can then get an overview of this model per article group. You can also choose to search for a specific car part. You can filter the result by subcategory and sort by relevance and price ascending or price descending. We also ship abroad. As mentioned, there are still many Volvo 940 models driving around on foreign roads. An order from Belgium, France, Italy, Germany and even Sweden is no exception.

And what about the 960 S90 and V90?

The Volvo S90 and V90 have been produced again since 2018. Only 20 years earlier, the last S90 and V90 came from Volvo's factory in Sweden. In the early 1990s, Volvo came on the market with the 960. Basically a 940 with a 6-cylinder petrol engine, often equipped with an automatic gearbox. Between July 1997 and July 1998, the 964 and 965, the four-door sedan and five-door estate, was renamed as S90 and V90 for the station wagon. Along with a few small details, including the dashboard cockpit and the typical leather seats, the Volvo limousine was introduced in Europe but also in America. A true limousine for the spoiled driver and directors of successful companies.

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