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Volvo 240 260 parts

Find all parts for the Volvo 240 and 260

Are you working on a restoration of a Volvo 240 or do you want to maintain your Volvo B200 or B230 engine? You have come to the right place for quality parts that we supply from stock. In addition to all aftermarket parts, Volvo also supplies a wide range of original quality parts. Do you have questions? Feel free to call our Volvo specialists. On this page you will find all parts for the 240 (242, 244, 245) and 260 (262, 264, 265)

Volvo 240 parts online available

As the successor to the 140 series, the 240 came on the market in 1974, at first sight the 240 showed many similarities with the 140. However, the technical changes were much greater. The first Volvo 240 was equipped with a B20 engine that is also in the Volvo 140, Amazon and P1800. After a few years, the B20 was replaced by a new generation of engines. Powerful B19, B21 and B23 engines with overhead camshaft and aluminum cylinder head. The successor to the B23 is the B230. This engine block was fitted with an electrically controlled injection in the models from 1987 and was given the name B230F. The Volvo 240 was another step further in safety. For example, the fuel tank was in front of the rear axle and the steering column had several breaking points. The 240 was fitted with seat belts, headrests and later models with an airbag in the steering wheel as standard. The last 240 came on the market in 1993. The last model was called the 240 Classic. Characterized by simplicity and limited options. The 240's bigger brother is the Volvo 260 and was marketed in three models. The 262 was a Bertone-designed coupé equipped with a B27 and later B28 V6 petrol engine with double cylinder heads. This 2-door Volvo was specifically designed for the American market and was also frequently sold there. The 264 is the sedan version of the Volvo 260. A four-door Volvo with the same B27 and B28 engine as delivered in the 262. And finally the Volvo 265, a station wagon based on the Volvo 264. The interior of the Volvo 260 was mostly executed in leather and the Volvo 262 264 or 265 was equipped with an air conditioning compressor. Just like the Volvo V70 now drives around the roads every day, the Volvo 240 was a characteristic car on the road. Many parts of the volvo 240 are the same as those of the volvo P1800E P1800ES. The brake system has many similarities. For the Volvo 240 there are almost no genuine Volvo accessories available. The most popular Volvo accessories are the tachometer in the dashboard and the center armrest. Other genuine accessories are the dog guard, rubber snow mats on the floor and luggage covers to cover the cargo area. Take a look at the volvo-parts on the website. Select your vehicle and see what is available for cylinder heads parts, wheel bearings, tech and sound parts and all other genuine volvo parts.

Taillight unit Left white Volvo 245 81- 1372439
Airconditioner compressor Volvo 240 85-93 R134A 3513066

Order featured Volvo 240 parts

We have many genuine Volvo parts for the 240, a number of which have recently been available again. Door pocket sets in the colors beige, door pocket set blue and black are available. We also have a maintenance set Volvo 240 where you can purchase all maintenance products in one go, this set contains: oil filter, crankcase plug ring, valve cover gasket, spark plugs, distributor cap, rotor, distribution belt, tensioner and air filter. For the 240 with a B19, B21 and B23 engine we also have a 123 ignition, with this ignition you no longer have to think about the breaker points and rotor, and even though the ignition has been quite modernized, the ignition retains its classic appearance. So the picture under the hood does not change. Before 1988, the Volvo 240's body was not as well protected against rust as the later models. For that reason, rust formation from the first 15 years of the Volvo 240 is a common problem. For the Volvo 240 and the Volvo 260 there are various repair parts and body parts for sale. You can order these sills, floor plates and wheel rims online in the webshop. With new front fenders, door panels, A-panels and wheel arches you can completely restore the Volvo 240 from rust. Technically there is no end to the Volvo 240 model. New headlights, rear lights, bumpers, wheel bearings, shock absorbers, ball joints are well stocked. Nordicar made a 3D print file of the bumper trim on top of the rear bumper. Unfortunately the original manufacturer Volvo stopped the production of rear and front bumper parts. Nordicar supplies ATE brake discs for the rear brake and front brake of the Volvo 240. ATE is the OEM official Volvo supplier of genuine Volvo brake parts that made brake system parts for the Volvo PV444 PV544 Amazon in the early as 1950 and 122s 123GT P1800 P1800S in the sixties. This contributes to the originality of the brake system of this iconic Volvo car. SKF is the regular supplier of wheel bearings and is the supplier for many wheel bearing kits mounted on volvo cars. The wheel bearing of the rear side of the car is mounted in the rear axle. The front wheel bearing is part of the MacPherson strut. Just like all other model volvos from the model Volvo 240 the front wheel is somtimes performed with alloy wheels and genuine volvo hub caps.

Common problems Volvo 240 Volvo 264

Besides the discussed rust, there are relatively few technical problems with the 240 and 260. Due to the simple technology and without too many options, the 240 can be called reliable. Still, we have some problems with Volvo 240. Steering racks wear out and cause oil leakage from the steering box. Repair is often not possible and the parts required for overhaul are not available. Plastic interior parts tear due to age and engines sometimes leak on the head gasket. Fortunately, many interior parts are being re-produced. Seat pads and seat covers are also offered on our website. Take a look at our webshop ordering parts online and see what you can buy to keep your Volvo 240 and Volvo 260 in good condition.

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