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Volvo V70 parts

Find your online Volvo V70 parts here

Nordicar offers a wide range of new and used parts for the Volvo V70. In addition to original Volvo parts, several quality brands are carried. In the workshop of Nordicar all kinds of repairs are carried out with parts that are also sold on the webshop. Some common repairs include replacement of the steering angle sensor, right rear drive shaft, abs pump or left rear seat belt. The Volvo V70 was launched in 1997 as the successor to the Volvo 850. Volvo managed to improve the 850 on 1500 points, was the advertising slogan at the time. And the V70 Classic delivered. Some improvements can be found in the door lock mechanism, the air conditioning pump and the radio amplifier are unparalleled. The sedan called Volvo V70S70 was produced until 2000. The last V70 rolled off the production line in 2016. Volvo V70 for almost 20 years.

You are welcome to our website with a large Volvo V70 car parts stock. You will find everything here. Whether you are looking for an injector diesel, camshaft sensor, steering knuckle front left, rear light right, rear light left, antenna amplifier, we have it in stock. Is the part you are looking for not on the Nordicar webshop? Send us an email or call one of our employees. They will be happy to help you find the right part for your Volvo V70.

The three Volvo V70 models

Online parts for the first Volvo V70 Classic

Despite the fact that the 850 had only recently been on the market, the arrival of the Volvo V70 also meant the end of the 850. Still, the Volvo V70 Classic is very similar to its predecessor. Many parts are the same externally and under the hood. Take the wishbone front left, seatbelt tensioner left, the fan motor, the crankshaft pulley of the diesels and the window mechanism 4-door right rear as an example, all these parts are the same for both models. The V70 Classic has the same angular appearance as the Volvo 850 and still defines the street scene every day. A diesel was also introduced in the Volvo V70. The same diesel engine that was delivered in its predecessor. A 2.5 liter TDi engine from VW / Audi. This 5 cylinder with turbo without variable camshaft adjustment is a powerful engine with which various Volvo V70 Classic models easily exceed 500,000 km on the odometer. The V70R was launched in 1998. With a high-pressure turbo engine, the V70R delivered 240 hp. With permanent four-wheel drive, impressive bumpers, optionally supplied with radio control panel and Volvo CD player and antenna amplifier and contemporary wheel set, the Volvo V70R was a beautiful appearance. And you can still show up with the V70R.

Suspension arm including ball joint - Right Volvo 850 S/V70 -00 2 bouts bev. 271902
Shock absorber- Rear- Sport- Bilstein B6 Volvo 850 S/V70 -00 C70 -05 z/nivo 6800327
Exhaust tailpipe Volvo 854 S70 turbo 9470988

Volvo V70n or V70 II parts

Zwarte V70 modeljaar 2005

In 2000, Volvo Beesd introduced the new Volvo V70 in the Netherlands, just before Volvo entered into a partnership with Ford USA. There are several names for this model. The V70 phase II, V70n or V70 P26 are known. It is the successor to the V70 Classic, with round shapes. A car that also differs significantly from its predecessor. Although the engines are partly the same, there is a lot of difference aesthetically with the Classic. On our website we distinguish the Volvo V70 parts for three V70 models. In terms of engine management and canbus, the V70 phase 2 is a step forward. The V70 is equipped with more than 60 modules, including an airbag module, airbag set module and various modules for the control of the door lock mechanism 4-door, the mirror outside, the light switch, window mechanism 4-door, the fuel pump electrically controlled and the wiper switch with rain sensor. An integrated navigation display was supplied as an option, which moves up and down in the dashboard with control from the steering wheel. In 2001 the first real Volvo diesel engine was delivered in the V70n, the D5 diesel engine. This common rail diesel engine delivers 163 hp and is good for many hundreds of thousands of kilometers. This powerful 5-cylinder diesel from Volvo has a more modern vacuum pump diesel than the TDi predecessor. Common repairs for which Nordicar Volvo V70 parts are supplied are drive shaft front left, power steering pump, combination switch windows in the left front door, new window mechanism left front door V70 an a lot of other parts for Volvo V70.

Headlight unit Left (gray as original) Volvo S60 05-09 V70 05-08 XC70 05-07 LHD 30698835
Floor accessory mats Rubber: Black  Volvo S60 01-09 V70 00-08 XC70 01-07 39891787
Rear view Mirror outside- Left  Volvo V70 XC70 S60 30634919
Brake booster V70 XC70 S60 S80 without DSTC Volvo V70 (00-08) XC70 (01-07) S60 (-09) S80 (-06) 30793673

The last Volvo V70

Model year 2008 is the year that the last series of Volvo V70 was launched. A product from the collaboration with Ford USA, yet a contemporary Volvo with unmistakably many similarities with the Volvo V70 phase 2. In terms of Volvo V70 parts, there are many differences with the previous models. A new line of engines was deployed and the D5 common rail diesel was optimized in terms of power and consumption. The Mac Pherson leg has been completely renewed, the rear left drive shaft and front right drive shaft on the four-wheel drive models are completely different. The traditional handbrake lever has been replaced by a handbrake switch. A completely new airbag set made the V70 phase 3 extremely safe. The dashboard has been completely renewed, such as the heater control panel that controls the heater ventilation motor, the radio control panel and the panic lighting switch have been designed differently. The most common repairs are replacing the rubbers of the right rear wishbone and left rear wishbone. Parts for the V70 phase 3 that are often sold are power steering oil reservoir, seat belt center rear, brake caliper pliers right front, door lock mechanism 4-door left rear, complete shock absorber leg left front and shock absorber leg right front (including knuckle front right or knuckle front left), abs sensor for a front wheel or rear wheel. Production of the legendary Volvo V70 ended in 2016. Fortunately, there is a wide range of V70 parts to maintain the Volvo V70. Check out the range on our webshop brake disc Volvo V70 and oil filter V70 for maintenance the Volvo V70 yourselve.

Radiator Volvo V/XC70 08- S/V/XC60 D3 D5 31368362
Brake disc Rear vented Ø302mm, electric handbrake Volvo S80 07- V70 XC70 08- V60 S60 11- 30769060
Air filter 5 cylinder petrol Volvo S40 V50 04- C70 06- C30 S80 07- V70 08- 30757155

Order parts for your Volvo V70?

As a visitor of our webshop, you can visit us every day. We process orders daily and if we have the ordered parts in stock, they will be shipped the same day. If you have specific questions about Volvo V70 parts, you can always contact one of our employees. They are happy to help you with technical information and advice about the Volvo V70 parts. In our garage workshop you are welcome to have your V70 repaired or maintained.

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