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Volvo PV444 PV544 P210 parts

Where am I going to find the Volvo PV parts?

Nordicar is the expert if it’s about parts for the Volvo PV544 Katterug. For more than 30 years, Nordicar has been supplying Volvo classic car parts to customers in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, and the rest of the world. We deliver the right quality parts for you Volvo PV544, Volvo PV444 en Volvo P210 Duett after which we will ship them to your doorstep straight from our stock.

Parts for the Volvo PV544 and P210 Duett

All of these parts can be found in our web-shop. New productions by Volvo and re-productions for the Volvo PV544. Besides, we also supply used parts for the Volvo oldtimers. Thanks to our technical drawings from Volvo Katterug, the parts are also easy to find online. Both for the Volvo Estate and the Volvo Sedan. We have a reliable and safe ordering process, for both ordering your original Volvo parts and getting the advice you need you can go to nordicar.com.

Lens, taillight Volvo 544 658399
Bumper rear complete stainless steel Volvo 444 ('48-'54) 88552
Rear View Mirror- used part Volvo 444 1947-1955 445 96613
Mudflap- Rear- Left Volvo 544 659186

The PV444 Start Production: 1944

The PV444 was the first of the Volvo models to be produced in the PV series, Volvo presented the PV444 in September 1944. It was then said that the 3 fours stood for: 4 cylinders, 4 seats, and 29 kW (40 hp). At first, the 444 was described as a small car, but the PV444 was actually a middle-class car, with good seats for all passengers. There was only one caveat, namely that there was a great shortage of raw materials, so it took 3 years longer before the first Katterug was delivered. For the buyers who received it early, there was still an advantage, the original price was 4,800 SEK. This turned out to be a big miscalculation, so the people who had already signed a purchase contract could buy a new Volvo for a very low price or get rid of the purchase contract cheaply. Even though the PV444 is already a veteran, we at Nordicar.coml have many parts for this Katterug in stock. You can think of: a camshaft, wheel bearing set, brake drums, brake calipers, and a distribution set. But we also have simple maintenance products, such as a B4B oil filter and a valve cover gasket.

The PV445 starts production in 1953

A few years before that the demand for a more spacious car started to grow. Volvo responded well to this by coming up with the PV445 (Duett). This model was often used as a small commercial vehicle, it was handy for smaller companies that only had small products, raw materials. Volvo designed the Duett so that it could be used as a commercial vehicle and as a spacious family car. To ensure that the Duett was multifunctional, Volvo designed 3 types of the PV445. The simplest version: a van without side windows behind the doors. Then there was the van with side windows behind the doors and a simple rear seat. And the most luxurious version was the van with a full rear seat, which was also collapsible, and even more glass on the side. If a part of the 445 still functions but is no longer in the best condition, you can do two things: replace the entire part or purchase a rebuild kit. With a rebuild kit, you can replace the most important parts of the part, this ensures that you don’t have to purchase a more expensive part. We provide repair kits for the petrol pump, the master cylinder, and the steering knuckle. In 1959 with the pv544 amazon something happened that would change all cars forever, the first standard-fit seat belt got delivered. Just a few years later in 1962 Volvo switched from 6V to 12 Volt electrical equipment.

The P210 starts production in 1960

In this year the second model of the Duett was presented, the P210. Despite the Duett being 7 years old, the most successful years were yet to come. The biggest external change was the one-piece windshield. But we were also big on the internal changes, and all in all the P210 was a comfortable station wagon. Seat belts have been a standard in Volvo passenger car models since 1959, so the P210 was always equipped with them. Are you looking for anything particular in regards to cooling, then you have come to the right place at Nordicar, we have many parts for cooling. Think of a thermostat, a radiator, or an expansion vessel. It was in 1959 that the Volvo PV ended production so the Volvo Amazon could take over.

The outside look and the indoor design

The Volvo look is unique on its own and has some very nice features that fit the times. The steering wheel is something not everyone is happy with, this is because it was a bit big really tin and a tad and too smooth. Your two options would be to put a leather covering on the steering wheel or to wear a pair of driving gloves. The laminated windscreen was a big innovation towards safety with thousands of pre-orders after, the windscreen washer was also easy to install and are available online. The Volvo sun visors are a great addition as well if you ever have to drive in the day against the sun, these are also available in our shop and are easy to install. All of the parts are made to have that classic Volvo look! The powertrain of the Volvo PV is built out of the rear axles, transmission, driveshafts, the differential and not to forget the engine itself. The Volvo car is in the aspect like any other car if it comes down to the basic parts like the power train but Volvo history and design is something unique on its own. Like with every car, the wheels are a crucial part of the car, for a ready and set Volvo the tires need a wheel trim and a pair of good hub caps. The Volvo P36 was the first Volvo with front suspension, all Volvo models after this model had it as a standard feature. The Volvo PV didn’t come with a standard town bar but was more of an optional feature. The Volvo pv444 often came with a split window which was a more affordable option compared to the pv444. Nowadays cars generally don’t come with a split window because of the cheaper and easier production of windows, the Volvo S60 is a good example of that. To get your car driving you of course need some suitable gas in there, two of the parts that are a necessity for this are the fuel filters and the fuel delivery. If you want to prevent anything going wrong with all the parts mentioned you have to make sure to give your Volvo some engine control from time to time. The product name Volvo itself comes from the Latin word for volvere which means rolling. Just like the Volvo pvdeatt, Volvo p1800, the Volvo pv445, or even the Volvo xc90 you want to prevent leaks, be sure to take care of your rubber gasket every few years or so. Let it be the case that you need one of these parts, you can find all of them in our shop with affordable shipping cost. We have parts in stock for almost all Volvo models. Whether it is the throttle linkage, the idler arm, or just the heater system and you just need a new air filter we are here to help you with all that you might need for your classic Volvo.

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