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Volvo P1800 parts

Here you will find all parts for the Volvo P1800

Nordicar has been supplying Volvo P1800 parts to Volvo enthusiasts all over the world for years. Are you working on a restoration of a P1800 Jensen, P1800 S, P1800 E or 1800ES or do you want to maintain your Volvo B18 or B20 engine yourselve, you have come to the right place for quality parts that we supply from stock. Do you have questions? Feel free to contact our Volvo specialists.

Order Volvo P1800 parts online

Nordicar is the specialist in the field of Volvo P1800 parts. The warehouse in Heerhugowaard has almost all current parts for the Volvo P1800, new parts and used parts. Due to the international character of the company, we supply parts to customers in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France and also outside Europe. The United States is a country where there are still many Volvo P1800 models and where shipments go regularly. We supply the best quality parts for your Volvo P1800S, Volvo P1800E, Volvo 1800ES and Volvo P1800 Jensen from stock and will be delivered to your home by post. All parts for your classic Volvo can be found and ordered in our webshop. That is safe trading. Many new parts are still being produced by Volvo itself for the Volvo P1800. In addition to Volvo production, many parts are made after market. We also supply used parts for Volvo oldtimers. Thanks to our technical drawings (exploded views) of Volvo P1800, the parts are also easy to find online. Both for the Volvo Estate and the Volvo Sedan. Reliable and safe ordering parts and technical advice about your Volvo classic car from our classic Volvo specialists. Previously, our webshop could be found on volvoparts.nl and our French Volvo shop for parts on volvo-parts.fr nowadays all languages, including Volvo Penta parts are on nordicar.com.

Lens, taillight orange/red Volvo 1800S/E 1212714
Rim ATS Alloy- silver Volvo 1800E/ES 142 144 145 164 240 5 5x15 283513
Seat cover set- red- leather- Seat and Back Volvo 1800S E ch# -37549 691037

The Volvo P1800 models

Especially for the American market and Porsche as a great example, production of the Volvo P1800 was started at Jensen in Great Britain in 1961. This first P1800 designed in Italy is also called the 1800 Jensen. Characteristic, stylish and sporty. With dual carburettors, this P1800 was also a fast car for that time. The 1800 Jensen was introduced with a two-piece front bumper, the cow-horn bumper. It was also the first Volvo with front disc brakes. What also characterized the first type P1800 was the emblem on the C-pillar where the Volvo logo was combined with the Swedish flag. The Volvo PV Duett and Volvo Amazon were the family cars of the time. What is now the Volvo V70. Over the years, many P1800 models have disappeared, but every now and then you will find a used Volvo in good condition. After a number of years of production in England, the entire production line has moved to Sweden. Or rather Sweden. The P1800 was given the letter S as a hallmark for the origin of this Swedish classic. In the early 70's Volvo came with the P1800E and later the ES. Both equipped with a B20 fuel injected engine. Production of the 1800ES ended in 1974. The P1800 is characterized by the beautiful dashboard with various gauges. The electrical equipment of the P1800E and 1800ES is renewed. A new wiring harness was produced, especially for the control of the fuel injected engine. From the same electrical equipment, the front lights, interior light and rear light is powered. You can no longer buy a new one, but fortunately there are still used Volvo P1800 models for sale. Check the chassis plate before you decide to buy a P1800 car. A beautiful P1800 would not look out of place next to your Volvo V70 on the driveway. A treat to drive to your boat with Volvo Penta engine on a sunny day and enjoy real driving.

Order parts online for P1800 Jensen, P1800S, P1800E and 1800ES

Are you looking for a stainless steel wiper arm, Volvo original wheel trim, drive belt, overhauled cylinder head, hub caps, various shock absorbers such as Koni Bilstein, Kayaba (KYB), you will find it all in the new webshop. We also have color upholstery in stock. Leather or replacement upholstery in red and black are popular. Amaze yourself which new and used parts are still available for the Volvo P1800. Below you will find an overview of popular products and search terms. Since 2009 Nordicar overhauls the rear axle of the P1800 itself. The rear axle is fitted with new wheel bearing kits and new gears and new rubbers seals. In the workshop, the rear axle is replaced together with the entire rear suspension. Most P1800 models are equipped with a manual gearbox. Most P1800E and Volvo 1800ES are equipped with an automatic transmission. The overdrive dtype for the P1800 Jensen or Volvo P1800S is a great feature of Volvo. For the Volvo 1800E and 1800ES an overdive jtype is used. This fifth gear reduces the rpm of the b20 engine by 800 rpm. The overdrive dtype or overdrive jtype are also used in the Volvo Amazon. The Volvo PV has never been equipped with an overdrive. The P1800 has a Volvo B18 or a Volvo B20 engine, the same engine as the Volvo Amazon B20. The famous Irv Gordon drove 3 million miles with his P1800. Driving that many miles is almost impossible without an engine overhaul. For that reason Nordicar overhauls B18 and B20 engines for P1800 as well. The engine block is equipped with a refurbished cylinder heads, new ignition system, another starter motor new bearing kits, new oil pump, prop shaft, new timing gear and camshaft. For the engine control, rebuild SU carburettors are available. Dont't forget to check the fuel tanks of these classic P1800 models after a period of storage. A lot of moist or water can be added to the fuel in the tank. Throttle linkage with new rubbers offers you a perfect power train from the engine, the propeller shaft up to the rear axel. During the replacement of the rear axel a lot of parts can be overhaules as well. The brake system, the brake servo of the front axel and rear axel has to be removed during the replacement of the drive train of engine block. Check the condition of the steering system while the B20 engine removed. The idler arm and tie rods can be check at that moment perfectly. When you turn the steering wheel, the backlash of the steering box ans steering column can be adjusted properly. When the engine block is removed, repainting of the engine compartment can easily been done. The front axel can be easily detached when the B18 or B20 engine is replaced. Be aware of the tension of the coil springs during demounting te front suspension.

Interior parts of the Volvo P1800

Every Volvo P1800 as well as every Volvo Duett, Volvo Amazon has a chassis plate number, or a so called VIN id on which P1800 model car information is stated. Every P1800 has his own color codes or interior code. The color code indicates the color of the car. While the interior code gives information of the color of the interior. A combination of front seat, door panel and rubber mats colors of the 1800s 1800e 1800es with which the cars left the factory in The UK and Sweden. Check the Nordicar webshop to find your upholstery for the front seat, back seat online. Leather and skai upholstery in different colors like brown red and black seat covers. All other kind of interior parts are available, as well as the heater system parts like the heater radiator, hoses and board panels.

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