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Volvo 440 460 480 parts

Here you will find all parts for the Volvo 440, 460, 480.

Nordicar has been supplying for over 30 years parts to Volvo enthusiasts around the world. Are you restoring your Volvo 440, 460, 480 or do you just want to maintain your Volvo 5 cylinder engine, you’ve come to the right place for quality parts that we deliver from stock. Do you have any question? Don’t hesitate to call our Volvo specialists.

The Volvo 480 with a nod to the Volvo 1800ES

In 1986 Volvo launched the 480 under the watchful eye of Rob Koch. The Volvo 480, also called the 480 ES, is a nod to the popular Volvo 1800 ES from the early 1970’s. The Volvo 480 ES can sincerely be called a classic car. In particular the sporty look and the glass tailgate are the characteristics of the classic Volvo P1800. The 480 was the first front wheel drive car. With a 4 cylinder turbo engine the 480 could also be called extremely fast. The low weight of the car combined with the engine power you still beat all the other cars at the traffic light with a 480. The inside and the upholstery had a sportive look. Bucket seats and fabrics with striping. Nowadays, unfortunately we don’t see much of this used Volvo, like the Volvo S70. The most special feature must be the flip-up headlights. The dashboard of the Volvo 480 is filled with various counters en meters. That way the range and fuel consumption can be seen, but also the turbo pressure and the battery voltage is visible. A lot of owners are registered at the Volvo 480 Register. This Register tries to offer user experience for the owners of the Volvo 480. In the 80’s the Volvo 480 ES was as popular as the Volvo XC40 is today.

Joint kit, Driveshaft gearbox end - Left Volvo 440 460 480 Volvo 440 460 S/V40 3270526
Oil filter for Volvo 440 460 and 480 Volvo 300 B14 400 z/D19T 3467632
Distributor cap Volvo 400 3342862
Cable, park brake for Volvo 440 460 and Volvo 480 Volvo 400 91- trommelrem 3457229

Order Volvo 480 parts online in our webshop

The Volvo 480 was made in the Netherlands. Daf Car became Volvo Car and Rob Koch was the chief designer employed by Volvo. Under his supervision models like the 480ES GT Turbo, but also the 440 and the 460 were built. The parts for the Volvo 480ES mostly come from Sweden nowadays. In our warehouse in Heerhugowaard we have a large stock of original parts for the Volvo 480, so we are able to deliver fast to customers in the Netherlands and Belgium. In France also you still see Volvo 480 models on the road. We even get requests for Volvo 480 parts from Great Britain, where 480 models are being repaired and restored. Volvo 480 body parts are needed to restore wheel rims if they have been affected by rust. In the past we sold Volvo 480 parts online at a site in Holland called “Marktplaats” (like eBay). We can deliver Volvo 480 turbo parts from our stock, like a bdp sensor, air mass meters, brake discs and brake pads. You will also find new handbake cables and all filters needed to keep your Volvo 480 ES on the road in good shape. Visit our webshop and please contact us when you have a problem finding a part. Our colleagues are glad to help you with technical data for this first front wheel drive Volvo. Featured on YouTube is a nice video from the Volvo 480ES with a high mileage, made by “AutoWeek”.

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