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Volvo Amazon Parts

Here you will find all the Volvo Amazon parts

Nordicar has been supplying for over 30 years Amazon parts to Volvo enthusiasts around the world. Are you restoring a Volvo P120 or a P130, or do you just want to maintain your Volvo B18 or B20 engine, you’ve come to the right place for quality parts that we deliver from stock. Are you looking for used Volvo Amazon parts or do you have any question? Don’t hesitate to call our Volvo specialists.

volvo amazon parts

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Nordicar is the specialist in parts for Volvo Amazon 121. For more than 30 years, Nordicar has been supplying Volvo oldtimer parts and Volvo classic parts to customers in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, the United Kingdom and the rest of the world. It is precisely the best quality parts for your used Volvo Amazon B20 with LPG, Volvo 121, Volvo 122 S or Amazon combi B20 that we supply from stock and will be delivered to your home by post. All parts for your classic Volvo can be found and ordered in our webshop. Shipments and payments are absolutely safe to trade. New productions by Volvo itself and re-productions. We also supply used parts for Volvo oldtimers. Our technical drawings from Volvo Amazon also make parts easy to find online. Both for the Volvo Amazon combi on LPG and for the Volvo Amazon petrol Sedan. Whether it is a completely restored model or an Amazon fixer-upper. Reliable and safe ordering parts and also technical advice about your Volvo classic car from our classic Volvo specialists. In addition to the parts, we also offer Volvo Amazon occasions on our website and on autoscout24 in the Netherlands. Here you will find a wide range of classic cars which are sorted in ascending order. Overdrive daily driver tax-free MOT are the terms that are regularly searched for on used car sites. Also double SU is often used when looking for a used Volvo Amazon. In short, whether you are looking for new or used parts for the Volvo Amazon Combi, the Volvo V70, you can shop extensively online in our webshop.

Lens, taillight orange/red/white Volvo Amazon 1961-1970 672426
Fuel gauge -used part Volvo PV544 P210 Amazon 673998
Suspension arm Rear axle Volvo Amazon sedan P1800 1966-1973 672609

Volvo Amazon P1200 start production: 1956

1956 was the year of the Amazon for Volvo, the Volvo Amazon P1200 was presented at the beginning of this year. Volvo started producing the Amazon because there was a demand from the market for a mid-range model. The Amazon should appeal to PV444 drivers who wanted to buy a bigger and more comfortable car. The body was designed by Jan Wilsgaard, it was characteristic that he used both American and Italian influences, an example of this is the use of two colors, bright red and white for example, this was typically something American. Another characteristic feature of the Amazon combi b18 was the double grill. To ensure that your Amazon continues to run smoothly every year, we have a maintenance set for the combi B18 or B20. This Maintenance set classic consists of: an oil filter, crankcase plug ring, 5 liters of Millers classic engine oil, contact points, valve cover gasket, spark plugs, distributor cap, rotor and an air filter. This way you keep your Volvo classic in top condition!

Amazon P130, start production: 1961

In 1961 a new model Amazon Volvo came out, namely the P130. Instead of four-door, this had become two-door. The first type of Amazon volvo amazon B20, drawn by Jan Wilsgaard was already aging, so it was time for a new one. A plus to the new Amazon was that it had a more spacious interior, could handle a high mileage and also looked a lot more attractive. The performance was also significantly improved, this was due to the new B18 engine, which had 200 cm3 more capacity, and the engine was also considerably modernized, such as a crankshaft bearing five bearings. All this did not benefit the weight alone, the performance compared to the lighter PV544, gray 4-door was hardly better. Nowadays, the terms for these classic cars are mainly overdrive daily driver tax-free MOT. The Volvo P130 has 4 versions, price ascending: the basic version, 121, the sporty, 122S, gray 4-door, the luxury and sporty version, 123GT and the Favorit, this is an extra sober version. From August 1968, the Volvo Amazon B20 was delivered, often also equipped with LPG overdrive. LPG road tax-free is one of the reasons that the second-hand Volvo Amazon has become so popular in the Netherlands, especially with a high mileage. With Volvo amazon used cars it may of course be that your lighting becomes dull or dirty, this does not have to be a problem, especially if you have a completely restored with overdrive, we have rear light parts for the Amazon in stock. And to give the lighting a little more style, we have a headlight eyelash set in stock.

The Amazon Combi P220 start production: 1962

The volvo Amazon combi B18 was introduced by Volvo in 1962. It was the first station wagon after the Duett, the difference was that the P220 had the same level of comfort and handling as the P120. The P220 was also inspired by American style elements. This meant, for example, that the tailgate was divided in two, this was typically an American thing. Despite the fact that the P220 was a station wagon, the car was not much heavier than the sedan, so the performance was almost the same. The customers first had to settle for a Volvo Amazon combi B18 engine, but later came the option to take the sports engine, with two carburettors, double su. The payload was higher than the volvo amazon amazon, which is why heavier tires were mounted even at a low mileage. The double grille was of course a characteristic feature of the Amazon, we still sell it on the grille, and that completes the picture of your Amazon. Do you want to buy a car and are you looking for a completely restored with overdrive or a 122s freshly painted. With us you can go for a Volvo Amazon Occassion, but also fellow companies such as Hofman Leek regularly have an Amazon road tax free for sale. With double su, lpg and tax free. The Amazon Combi P220 was Volvo's station wagon. Compare it with the Volvo V70, which nowadays still drives around on the roads.

The latest Volvo Amazon

The last Amazon rolled out of the factory on July 3, 1970, the 667,323th Amazon Volvo, and was pushed through the factory by hand by CEO Gunnar Engellau and Svante Simonsson. To improve the road holding of your Amazon you can choose to lower it, we have a lowering set for the amazon combi. But we also have a lowering set for the P120 and P130. Because the Volvo Amazon is so solidly built, you can still see it in the street today. The tax change for old-timers has of course contributed enormously to this. A Volvo Amazon can keep up well with current traffic, especially with an ovedrive. And the costs of driving an Amazon on LPG are also favorable. The Amazon parts are readily available from us and not expensive. Because the Amazon is a simple car, less experienced mechanics can also work on this classic. Several times a year we have a key day for Volvo Amazon owners on which they can carry out repairs to their classic Volvo themselves under the guidance of our experienced Volvo classic specialists. We also place on Youtube on our channel how-to instructions for common repairs to Volvo classics.

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