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Volvo 740 760 parts

Order Volvo 740 and Volvo 760 parts online

Nordicar is the specialist if it’s getting the right parts for your classic Volvo 740 or 760. For more than 30 years now, Nordicar has successfully been delivering Volvo oldtimer parts to people in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, the U.K, and many other countries. It is exactly those quality parts that make us unique and has made many of our customers as happy as they can be. Simply delivered by mail to your doorstep. On our webshop you can find all that you might need. All purchases made have the option of being returned for a full refund or can be exchanged for the right product instead.

We don’t only sell the used parts for your classic Volvo but also have a large stock of both new OEM Volvo parts and reproduction parts. Would it be that case that you don’t know exactly what you need, then our Volvo experts are ready to help you and give you all the advice you might need about your Volvo car. For both the regular 740 diesel and the 740 turbo diesel we have all the parts you might need. You might just have a Volvo 740 or 760 fixer-upper that you aren’t sure of if you can get the parts, even if you have a Volvo from the 700 series that needs a lot of work we’ll be happy to provide you with all the parts you need from brake pads to spark plugs and from basic engine oil to a new oil filter cap. Some of our current customers also like to fix certain parts themself or just would like to be prepared for an emergency on the road, for that we have a good amount of repair kits for you to choose from. If you are looking for parts for a different type of Volvo car then you can select your vehicle on the top of the menu. Besides the parts, we also provide Volvo 740 and Volvo 760 occasions on our main site. We offer a wide range of genuine Volvo occasions so feel free to have a look or give us a quick call.

Taillight unit Left (orange flasher) Volvo 745 945 85- 3518908
Door handle- Left Front/Left Rear- chrome Volvo 700 900 6846644
Heater motor Volvo 760 960 m/Airco 3537857
Clutch kit Volvo 240 740 ('79-'85) M45 M46  271266

The start of the 700 series

The first Volvo 760 left the assembly line in 1982 and following two years after with the somewhat cheaper model with the 740. You could say that starting with this new model Volvo had decided to try out a totally new and different strategy, this can be said because they brought the executive six-cylinder version on the market first before the four-cylinder 740. It wasn’t received very well by the critics at first but when they got their hands on an intercooled 760 six-cylinder engine model they responded that it had one of the best handling and fastest acceleration they’ve seen in a while.

Should I get a Volvo 740 or a 760?

It is fair to say that both cars have it’s benefits and both are of course extraordinary Volvo cars. There are a few differences though which you might take into consideration before you decided to buy either one of these models. Both of them are almost identical when it comes to looks but when you look at the inside of the car some noticeable things might make you choose differently. At first, the 760 model uses 173 horsepower compared to the 740 which only has 150. If you’re looking for a faster car then more is better but for fuel consumption and efficiency is the 740 the winner here. Other than that there is a difference in weight which makes the 760 heavier than the 740. Having said that, the 740 would be the better choice for normal use but either one of these cars would be a good choice. When ordering parts it is always good to check if the parts you need are compatible with your Volvo car, for example, some of our spark plugs are compatible with all Volvo's from the 700 series but some would only be suitable for the 740 models. One quick maintenance tip is that if you want to have a maintained braking system you should flush the brake fluid every year. If you’re interested in buying a genuine Volvo 740 or Volvo 760 then you can get in touch with us so we can see if we can help. If you already own a Volvo car then we would be happy to perform engine control and make sure things like the back/front brake are still functioning well. If you are planning on making a few add ons like a sports exhaust then we can build that on for you or send it over by mail.

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