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Volvo 140 164 parts

Order Volvo 140 and 164 parts online

Nordicar is the specialist in parts for the Volvo 140 and 164. For more than 30 years, Nordicar has been supplying Volvo oldtimer and classic parts to customers in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, and the rest of the world. It is those high-quality parts for your Volvo 940 and Volvo 960 that make us unique and have made so many of our customers as happy as they can be. You can find all of the parts for your classic Volvo in our webshop where you can shop freely and order whatever you might need. All of the orders made can safely be returned if not satisfied in which case you can trade it for a different item or get your money back. We don’t only supply the newer productions of Volvo itself and re-productions, next to this we also supply used Volvo parts for oldtimers. All parts that have been ordered through us are usable for a completely restored model or one that has run well but is just down to its regular maintenance.

Another thing you don’t need to worry about is that if you order through nordicar you will have the opportunity to get into contact with one of our Volvo specialists. We also have a wide selection of different Volvo occasions next to all of our parts. If you own a 140 or 164 Volvo or are considering getting one, feel free to go to our shop and see if you can find that one thing you’ve been looking for all this time.

Volvo 140 parts

In August 1966, Volvo launched a new four-door sedan, the Volvo 144. Volvo has switched the curvy lines of the Amazon for sleek, straight-lined body lines. This makes the 140 series spacious, clear, and therefore safe. The design of the 144 was truly timeless as a result of this it was further developed and took the form of the 240 which was still being sold in the 1990s. Since the introduction, the 140 series had a separate brake system with 4 pistons on the disc brakes in front and 2 pistons on the rear brakes. Part to safely maintain your brakes like the brakes hoses is widely available with us for any Volvo car you might have whether it be the Volvo Amazon or the Classic Volvo PV. Visit our online store for more brake related parts, from the brake pipes to the brake servo, and not to forget the front brake themselves. An interesting fact about the Volvo 140 brake system is that surprisingly it was one of the first cars which have disc brakes on all four wheels. The 144 was very spacious and also offered a lot of luggage space. The five-door 145 station wagon appeared in November 1967 and with the rear seats folded, it has a completely flat loading floor and a volume of more than 2 cubic meters. The 140 series is also equipped with numerous safety features. The body had an energy-absorbing crumple zone at the front and rear, the interior was stripped of protruding parts that could injure occupants and there were seat belts for the driver and front passenger. A good thing about the Volvo 144, Volvo P188, or any other classic Volvo for that matter is that it only has a small amount of electrical equipment. Let’s say you are planning on buying a Second hand Volvo 144 from someone, how do you know if it’s safe to buy? This can be on the legal side of things but you also just need a car that drives well. At first, you need to check both the chassis plate and the VIN ID, this is to make sure the vehicle is legit and isn’t stolen. After that, you need to know how good of shape it is, perform some quick engine control by testing out the starter motor. Does the transmission clutch connect well to the steering column? You also don’t want to have any bad tie rods, that last thing you want is having one of them break on the road and losing your ability to steer, it would be a waste of the Volvo if it would happen to crash. When making a test drive you should always feel if nothing is off, do you feel something bumping when making a turn, the front or rear axle might almost be broken. If the ride does feel a bit bumpy but is more consistent then the rear suspension or the front suspension might be worn down, this won’t kill you right away but is something you should watch out for. There is also of course the wheel bearing which allows you to drive friction-free on the road, for the one who knows the basics of car repair we would recommend getting a wheel bearing kit.

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Lens, taillight Left Volvo 142 144 164 -1972 683508
Tie rod end- Right Volvo 140 70- 164 679291
Upholstery rear seat Blue Leather set, seat and back Volvo 164 code 956-806 695946

Volvo 164 parts

The Volvo 164 is presented in 1968, the main difference with the 140 is the outstanding nose with standing grill and the 6 cylinder B30 engine. Inside the Volvo 164 luxury is the thing everyone loves. The floor has thick carpet and the rear seat has a folding armrest in the middle. In 1969 the Volvo 164 even got standard leather upholstery. Furthermore, the equipment is enriched with headrests on the front seats, a sliding roof, and halogen fog lamps. Electric side windows and air conditioning were also available in the US. Another thing about the U.S is that they got the b20 engine which is designed to have automatic transmission. The Volvo 164 also has an efficient cylinder head manifold with a total of 6 cylinders. The most common Volvo 164 powertrain is equipped with a manual transmission, the manual gearbox is a 4-speed M400. Even though the fuel tank is highly protected in this Volvo model you should still be thinking about other parts like the fuel injection, if it doesn’t pick anything up your Volvo won’t move and can even take damage. The same goes for the drive belt, when doing maintenance you might just see that it has built up some wear and tear. When the Volvo 164 came to its end just a few more were sold but minor adjustments were made, one of these is connected to the brake system, the parking brake handle was moved from outboard to inboard of the driving seat. If you are planning on doing any repair and are looking to order the parts online you can give us a call so our Volvo experts can give you all the advice you need. Things like the heater system, oil pump, and rear-wheel aren't really things you want to take off and replace with just anything, instead get the right parts so that your Volvo will drive for years on end with as few problems as possible. To make it even better, why not get a pair of sun visors as well? It’s a nice Volvo accessory that tops it all of and makes driving against the sun just a bit better. To improve the performance we would recommend getting a sport exhaust set, your engine will run smoother because of the gases that can now escape more easily. If the exhaust flows better, the air and fuel leave the chamber quicker and new fuel and air can be combusted to create more power.

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