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Nivomat shockabsorbers

Nivomat shockabsorbers and conversion kits

Nordicar can supply you with all the parts for your front and rear suspension for your Volvo. Silentblocks, suspension arms, polyurethan (PU) bushings, ball joints, wheel bearings and mounting kits.

To the left you will find the direct links to the Nivomat shock absorber and conversion kits for several models.

Volvo's, especially the estate or station cars are real load and luggage carriers. To prevent them taildragging with heavy loads the designers have equiped the more expensive models (or the standard version with this option) with Nivomat rear shock absorbers.
These shock absorbers have the advantage of being self-regulating. When loaded, the car will first sag but after a few yards the shockabsorbers will lift themselves to their stock position and give the car the stock ride height.
Nivomats offer the same ride comfort as the stock shocks and springs, even when loaded. Another plus is that, when the car is driven without load, it will not be harsher, as it would be if fitted with heavy duty rear springs as these, of course, cannot compensate for load.

Nivomats can be found on both sedans and on estate models, but usually you will see them (optionally) fitted to the estate Volvo's.

Always replace both sides (left and right) at the same time!

Do you have any questions?

Give us a call or send us an e-mail to our Volvo specialists if you have any questions about the Nivomat shockabsorbers or conversion kits!

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Conversion kits for the Nivomats shockabsorbers

Nivomats shockabsorbers are maintainance free and work great, specially when the cars is being driven with varying loads. But, as with all consumable parts, there will come a moment when they need to be renewed.
Oil seepage on the shaft, lop-sided when loaded, tail sitting when the car is standing still for some time and a soft damping are all signs it is time to replace them.
New Nivomats are rather expensive. If you never or maybe occasionally drive your car with a heavier load, the here mentioned conversion kits can offer you a fitting alternative. Including rear springs and new stock shock absorbers you will be considerably cheaper off!

N.B. Keep in mind that when replacing the Nivomats shock absorbers with a stock version you will also have to replace the rear springs for stock (=not Nivomat) springs! The springs which are factory fitted with the Nivomats are weaker than the standard springs.

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