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Are you already restoring a classic Volvo or are you thinking about this? Sooner or later you will need some practical advice, tips or tricks. Our team of experienced Volvo specialists loves to help you. We can assist you with rust repair, preparing your car for technical inspection, registration or with the MoT.

Body restoration

In our webshop you will find body and repair panels for several Volvo models. We have bolt-on panels like; front fenders/wings and we also have panels for rust repair which need to be welded on.
For the Volvo Amazon we offer in our shop for example front and rear fenders, sills, inner fenders, lower fender repair panels and wheel arches from stock. After restoring the body the refitting starts, we can supply new window and door seals and of course the chrome trim for your classic Volvo.

Renovated parts

In our workshop we rebuild B18 and B20 engines next to for example: rear axles, steering knuckels, window wiper mechanisms and heater motors. You can find these products in this webshop. We make no compromise when overhauling B18 and B20 engines.
New parts used are: pistons and piston rings, rebuilt rods with new gudgeon pin bushings, rod and main bearings, reground crankshaft with oil seals, camshaft and bearings, lifters, timing gears, oil pump, water pump, oil pressure sender, spark plugs, pilot bearing, oil drain plug and washer, inlet and exhaust valves, hardened exhaust seats for lead free petrol/gas or LPG, oil filter and overhauled rocker assembly. Of course all gaskets and seals are replaced too.
We finish this off with a fresh coat of Volvo engine red paint.

We sell these parts for B18, B20 and B30 engines also seperate or in (complete) rebuilding kits.
Usually we can supply from stock!

Used parts

For classic Volvo’s most parts needed for a restauration are still available. Of course, not everthing is still being made.
So, we keep a large stock of used parts to keep you rebuilding and maintaining your classic Volvo.
We welcome your questions.
For (larger) restoration projects we carry special conditions.

Interested? Feel free to ask us for a quotation!


Or give us call: Frank de Vries or Peter Flapper: +31 (0)72 5753 202

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