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Technical data

Technical data

Are you working on your classic Volvo and looking for technical information?
We have collected some basic data for a number of models.
Here you will also find our “How To” video’s in which we show and explain some repairs from start to finish.

Valve clearance B18 and B20

Valve clearance (for petrol/gas engines)
B18A & D: intake: 0.40 mm, exhaust: 0.45 mm
B20A: intake: 0.40 mm, exhaust: 0.45 mm
B18B and B20B: intake, exhaust: 0.50 mm

For engines running on LPG we recommend an extra 0.05 mm additional clearance.

Ignition timing B18 and B20

B18 (at 1500 RPM, vacuum control disconnected)
B18A: 21-23 degress BTDC
B18B: 17-19 degrees BTDC

B20 (at 700 RPM, vacuum control disconnected)
B20A: 14 degrees BTDC
B20B, E, F: 10 degrees BTDC
B20D: 12 graden BTDC

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